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SAP XM transforms and simplifies digital advertising for everyone's benefit - advertisers, publishers and consumers.

90% of advertisers and media companies see value in a new digital ad buying model that connects buyers and sellers directly, while reducing the role of intermediaries by utilizing an integrated software solution stack.


In 2015, marketers spent $540 billion dollars globally on media, from which $170bn were spent online. However, about 50% of the advertisers' budgets are lost in the media buying process. The result is a considerable waste of money on advertising that does not connect with the target audience, while raising issues of media transparency, accuracy and efficiency. 

Without question, digital connectivity has become a key part of everyday life. SAP has been connecting the vital elements of business processes for more than 40 years now. With SAP XM, SAP will revolutionize the way businesses run marketing, not only through greater efficiency, but also by connecting buyers (advertisers) and sellers (publishers) directly within an integrated suite of products.

SAP XM will simplify today's complex digital ad buying processes by insuring that true connectivity becomes a key part of the media business — whether it's linking brands and retail, ad budgets and inventory, or billing and collection. Moreover, Advertising Technology combined with Marketing Technology will work in concert to achieve business goals. 

With the disruptive SAP HANA based real-time technology, SAP XM will unlock the full potential of an advertiser's media buy across the digital advertising ecosystem. This will shortcut the traditional media buying process by bridging direct relationships between advertisers and publishers.

SAP XM provides full transparency in campaign and budget management. The real-time technology, based on SAP HANA, allows high accuracy in audience targeting, which results in increased efficiency of media spending on a global level.

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