Transforming digital media

Simplifying today's complex digital ad buying process with SAP XM by insuring that true connectivity becomes a key part of media business

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Driving digital transformation to the advertising industry
with a fully customer-integrated platform

SAP XM’s end-to-end platform gives back control of an advertiser’s digital media program through a streamlined, transparent process. By redefining a complex and costly value chain, SAP XM enables more efficiency.

Benefits at a glance

  • Increased transparency, efficiency, control and advertising relevance
  • End-to-end connection
  • Easily integrated within IT landscape


Combining marketing and advertising with media buying for real-time insights on all channels and automated campaign optimization

From planning, definition, procurement and execution to reporting and optimization, the customer-connected platform fully integrates with an advertiser´s IT landscape, while interfacing with other SAP systems like now with SAP Hybris and soon to come with SAP Ariba.

Simple, intuitive & beautiful Interface

Simplification and ease of use is our focus

We put emphasis on the fact that everyone – also non-experts – can operate the system in-depth and also enjoy it.

SAP Cloud Platform – the engine of SAP XM

SAP XM allows for a direct connection between advertisers,
agencies and publishers within the cloud; Powered by SAP Cloud Platform

The future of SAP XM

Discover the next generation of the SAP XM online media network and how it will reshape digital advertising

Next generation data management platform Lab preview

Reaching the customer across all channels with the right message at the right time

Data is at the heart of knowing your customer and growing your business. SAP XM allows advertisers to combine different data sources safely, while ensuring ownership and control of first party data.

Benefits at a glance

  • Linking and analyzing different data sources; including 1st party data
  • Integrating data with the highest levels of security
  • Enablement of in-depth customer analysis to allow accurately targeted ads across all devices

Connecting brands & social media Lab preview

Optimize your end-to-end campaigns on social media with first party data without compromising data security

Highly-personal, member-sharing social media platforms offer opportunities for customized, relevant ad messages. Yet, a walled garden model keeps members within the site, while user information is walled off from the rest of the Internet. SAP XM now bridges advertisers‘ needs with social media by securely integrating, matching and using data without compromising privacy for brands or consumers.

Benefits at a glance

  • Overcome walled garden concerns by enhancing social media campaigns with 1st party data
  • Data integration with the highest level of security for brands as well as for consumers
  • End-to-end campaign optimization across all channels including social media

Real-time connections to retail point of sales Lab preview

Reinventing point of sale by connecting consumers to retailers while leveraging targeted digital media and real-time technology

Digital media should be aligned with retail point of sale in a world where brand growth depends on consumer purchases. SAP XM is filling this gap by driving new commerce. Through seamless integration with SAP Retail Architecture, plus user information, geo data and weather indicators, a targeted ad with a “buy-in-store” message can appear on any channel that touches a consumer’s journey. Plus, in-store point of sale data can enrich both online and offline advertising, while providing confirmation of point of sale success based on specific messages.

Benefits at a glance

  • Merger of the previously separated online and offline data to enrich user profiles
  • Driving purchases at the point of sales by addressing the consumer in store according to his/her preferences
  • "Buy-in-store" ad messages are part of a multi-channel consumer journey that includes integration with smartphones, sensors, cameras, checkout, as well as other SAP systems

Full access on all devices Lab preview

We keep you in the loop – in whatever way you like

SAP XM wants you to be well-informed and allow you to have the capability of reacting - wherever you are. SAP XM will enable full access to the platform on stationary devices, as well as on tablets and smartphones.

Integration of AI functionalities Lab preview

Artificial intelligence: the future is here

We have already arrived in the future with Artificial Intelligence (AI) – a buzzword, which currently dominates the most diverse industries. Within digital advertising, AI holds extreme potential not only for the optimization and streamlining of media, but also for the utilization of big data.

Join the ecosystem & innovate with us

We believe that transforming the digital advertising industry requires partnerships. We invite you to become a co-innovation partner with us. Together, we’ll embark on an exciting journey to transform today’s media business and increase every investment aspect of your return on media.