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SAP Exchange Media was founded in 2015 by Dr. Wolfgang Faisst and Johann C. Freilinger with the vision to develop a digital real-time platform for advertising, that simplifies the complex and intransparent processes and finally makes advertising relevant again. The result is SAP XM, the next generation integrated Online Media Network, that connects advertisers and publishers directly in the Cloud and eliminates inefficient stages withing the media process. SAP XM creates greater efficiency, transparency and control through the direct connection on and End-to-End platform, based on SAP HANA, that is part of an intergrated suite of SAP products and integrated in Marketing, ERP and CRM Systems. SAP XM simplifies Online Media for everyone's benefit — advertisers, publishers and consumers.

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Johann C. Freilinger

Head of Marketing (details)

+49 160 9082-0178

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