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Partnership with Blackwood Seven

  • Location Munich, Copenhagen, London, Barcelona, Los Angeles, New York
  • Employees 175
  • Founded 2013
  • Specialities Media
  • Industry Marketing
  • Link

The self-developed platform calculates a KPI-individual media formula which enables the attribution of all channels - online e.g. Search, YouTube, Facebook and offline e.g. TV, Print, Radio, OOH - and increases media efficiency up to 100%.

Many providers concentrate on programmatic media buying. Besides Blackwood Seven, however, nobody can offer programmatic for those offline channels that cannot be measured by cookies - an exciting area in which Blackwood Seven cooperates with SAP XM.

To complete SAP XM's offering, Blackwood Seven optimizes media campaigns through artificial intelligence, which achieves a significant increase in efficiency, while also offering overall optimization as well as budget allocation. SAP XM and Blackwood Seven share the motivation to fundamentally change the existing media landscape by working entirely transparent. Due to the co-innovation with SAP XM, the transformation of the media market is being pushed efficiently, with SAP offering data access needed by Blackwood Seven for their algorithm.

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