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According to a study by Forrester Research...

...90% of advertisers and media companies surveyed saw value in a new digital ad buying model that:

  • connects buyers and sellers directly,
  • reduces the role of intermediaries and
  • utilizes an integrated software solution stack. 

Please find a summary of the results in the infographic here or the video below.



To read the full results of this study and learn what you can do to improve your programmatic buying or selling, please refer to the thought leadership white-paper commissioned by SAP XM titled, “Optimize Your Programmatic Online Ad Buying and Selling Model.”

Table of contents:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Current Ad Buying And Selling Models Are Complex
  3. Making The Case For A New Buying And Selling Model
  4. Finding The Right Solution
  5. Defining A New Model For Success
  6. Key Recommendations
  7. Appendix 



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