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October 17. 2017 | London, United Kingdom

The ad-apocalypse and the rise of interactive brand experiences

Forrester, P&G and others have rung the bell for changes in the ad ecosystem. These changes are actually huge opportunities for brands to get more from their advertising spend and for publishers to deliver more value to the brands that invest with them.

Join Wayin, Forrester, Scott McNealy, SAP XM and more as we discuss these latest changes.

Event Details

SAP XM is participating  with a keynote at the MarTech & AdTech Mash-up event in London together with many other exciting companies such as Forrester, P&G and more. 

9:50 AM / Keynote #2: Making Advertising Relevant Again
Speaker: Johann C. Freilinger, Head of Marketing and Co-Founder of SAP Exchange Media

In this keynote, Johann will outline the future of advertising for publishers, advertisers & agencies in a dynamic media market that is hallmarked by new market participants and disruptive technologies. The call for higher transparency, control & efficiency is becoming louder every day, while conversely publishers face the challenge of monetizing their cost-intensive content. With the backdrop of increasing consumer skepticism about digital advertising & the Google & Facebook duopoly.
So what do new technology driven models look like that will regain consumer confidence, increase transparency & efficiency, while consolidating and creating new revenue opportunities the same time?

Full agenda can be found on the event website below.

SkyLoft | 28th Floor | Millbank Tower | 21 – 24 Millbank | London | SW1P 4QP

Check out the event website:

Millbank Tower

 Millbank Tower, 21 – 24 Millbank, London

Meet the SAP XM team

Johann Freilinger, Head of Marketing & Sales and Co-Founder of SAP XM

Location: SkyLoft | 28th Floor | Millbank Tower | 21 – 24 Millbank | London | SW1P 4QP
Time: Tuesday, October 17. at 8:30 a.m.

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