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We invite you to discuss the future of digital advertising in our blog and look forward to your comments and opinions.

On September 19th, SAP XM hosted seventy-five marketing leaders and CMOs at the Next-Gen Technology Think Tank for CMOs - in partnership with The Internationalist and the ANA (Association of National Advertisers). For the Think Tank, the guests were welcomed at the SAP Leonardo Center at Hudson Yards, New York, followed by a peer-to-peer dinner at the Executive Briefing Center. As a modern architectural wonder rising on the Hudson River, SAP’s new headquarters proved a worthy venue for a glimpse into the future of marketing.

The SAP XM installation at the SAP Next-Gen Labs at Hudson Yards showcases how short this distance between a brand and a customer can be.  Interact with the current capabilities of XM’s breakthrough digital advertising technology and learn about future scenarios that can drive new value for marketers.

Last spring, SAP Exchange Media (SAP XM) was officially announced at SAPPHIRE in Orlando. Now, we are taking it to the next level by developing and launching a Data Management Platform (DMP) this year. Why?

Listening to our customers and partners, the need for a comprehensive Data Management Platform soon became obvious. Many advertisers and publishers struggle with the huge amount of data they have and don’t know how to handle it. Here’s where SAP XM will soon step in.


Seeing the year 2016 in retrospect, there is quite a lot we can be thankful for. However, there is a lot more to achieve in 2017 and we are confidently facing the journey ahead of us. So, if someone had a magic wand for Christmas, what would we wish for?

When we started thinking about SAP XM as the next generation end-to-end media network– a technology beyond programmatic, one of the critical aspects for us to consider was the question of data - type, quantity, quality, significance etc. Read in this blog post how it all started from a technology point of view and what challenges we were and still are facing.

After several months of development time, the new release SAP XM 1.2 was launched several weeks ago and offers some great new features. Advertisers are able to create and manage their campaigns in a self-service mode from now on and Publishers get a powerful tool to specify what they want to sell. Read more about new highlights and their benefits in this blog post.

On March 20-22, over 600 leading media experts from over 35 countries came together in Berlin to exchange ideas, talk about current trends, and to experience innovative marketing concepts.

Starting only with an idea in December 2014, Dr. Wolfgang Faisst, Head of SAP Exchange Media, founded the intrapreneurial startup together with Johann Freilinger in 2015. Already in October, the first release of the premium media exchange platform was launched and the first customers signed the contract by the end of 2015.

Marketing leaders from all over the world came together at the Harvard Business Club in New York on March 10-11 to celebrate the internationalists of the year 2015.

The SAP XM team reviews an exciting Mobile World Congress 2016. During the talks with advertisers, publishers, DSPs, and SSPs at the SAP booth we could not only explain our innovative concept, but also receive feedback from interested customers with great results: customers only empowered us in our vision and validated the challenges of the advertising market we are trying to address with SAP XM.

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