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We invite you to discuss the future of digital advertising in our blog and look forward to your comments and opinions.

Starting only with an idea in December 2014, Dr. Wolfgang Faisst, Head of SAP Exchange Media, founded the intrapreneurial startup together with Johann Freilinger in 2015. Already in October, the first release of the premium media exchange platform was launched and the first customers signed the contract by the end of 2015.

Marketing leaders from all over the world came together at the Harvard Business Club in New York on March 10-11 to celebrate the internationalists of the year 2015.

The SAP XM team reviews an exciting Mobile World Congress 2016. During the talks with advertisers, publishers, DSPs, and SSPs at the SAP booth we could not only explain our innovative concept, but also receive feedback from interested customers with great results: customers only empowered us in our vision and validated the challenges of the advertising market we are trying to address with SAP XM.

Meet our SAP Exchange Media (SAP XM) experts at CeBIT 2016 and learn how we integrate transparency, efficiency and full-control in our new real-time digital advertising platform.

One topic dominated the Mobile World Congress in 2016: Mobile Disruption. There was hardly any discussion without mentioning the heavy transformation currently happening with the shift in user habits from desktops to mobile devices.

Not only new smartphones and mobile gadgets are presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but also current trends in the mobile business are a hot topic. Other key topics are the forthcoming mobile standard 5G, the Internet of Things, which is still waiting for its great breakthrough, and the discussion around the disruptive influence of mobile in almost every industry.

The term “disruption”, or “innovative disruption” has been around for a long time. Uber and Airbnb are often cited in this context.
Jonathan MacDonald explained in his keynote “Unlocking the opportunities in this ever-changing world” at the German Media Congress 2016, that for him disruption means “to break apart”. It’s not only about thinking differently but a fundamental break that “renders the competition useless”.


Dear friends of SAP XM, we had an incredible year and jump-start for SAP XM this year. So much happened and this overview just shows the highlights over the course of the year.

Liebe Freunde von SAP XM, wir hatten ein unglaubliches Jahr und einen dynamischen Start für SAP XM in diesem Jahr. Es ist sehr viel passiert und diese Übersicht zeigt Ihnen nur die Höhepunkte im Verlauf des Jahres.

According to the WFA (World Federation of Advertisers) guide to Programmatic Media 60% of digital advertising budgets are not turned into digital media inventory. They are invested in Nonvertising with middle-men in a fragmented value chain between advertisers and publishers.

Some see them as essential to using the Internet, others consider them an existential threat: It may not sound like it, but we're talking about software that blocks advertising online.

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