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We invite you to discuss the future of digital advertising in our blog and look forward to your comments and opinions.

SAP XM was part of this year’s dmexco in Cologne, Europe‘s largest marketing event and the sector's top event, combining the leading trade fair for digital marketing with an extraordinary conference. SAP XM's Head of Unit Dr. Wolfgang Faisst discussed together with Tina Beuchler (OVM), Matthias Bruell (GROUPM Germany), Bjoern Kaspring (AGOF) and Martin Luetgenau (BURDAFORWARD) about 'The tipping point of the ad ecosystem". Read more about key questions and answers in this review.

After several months of development time, the new release SAP XM 1.2 was launched several weeks ago and offers some great new features. Advertisers are able to create and manage their campaigns in a self-service mode from now on and Publishers get a powerful tool to specify what they want to sell. Read more about new highlights and their benefits in this blog post.

One great key learning from the Mobile Marketing Association CEO and CMO Summit in Kalifornia this year was that storytelling is important to get our points across and drive action. Another interesting topic was that communication is undergoing dramatic transformation so brand need to take immediate action. Find out what else was discussed during this great get together of over 80 companies from nearly 50 countries around the world.

Videos help brands to develop engaging messages to their customers, whose interest in video content is continuously growing. In the era of digital advertising, it has become more and more important to publishers to offer premium video spaces, especially in-stream video advertising, as this is essential for monetizing costly video content. But how can the supply gap of quality in-stream inventory be filled?

As Lewis Hamilton clinched the 4th race in succession at the Formula 1 in Hockenheim and I watched the drivers on the podium, one thought came to my mind: these guys are walking, talking billboards - I mean look at their uniforms, I guess you get the meaning. Marketing is not so complex at its core. It’s about the process of winning the hearts of consumers and approaching them at the right time and place to ensure the desired result: conversion.

In January 2016, SAP XM commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the hypothesis that advertisers and media companies need to adopt a new model for buying and selling inventory that connects buyers and sellers more directly in order to increase transparency and drive efficiency.

The digital business has never been easy for publishers. The competition never rests and the pressure on the business models continuously increases. It is difficult to introduce paid content after the free initial phase.

Digital, digital, digital – the omnipresent buzzword in today’s corporate world, also affecting the advertising industry. It is all about how advertising can be made valuable and relevant for consumers. However, not everyone is optimistic about the digital future.

On March 20-22, over 600 leading media experts from over 35 countries came together in Berlin to exchange ideas, talk about current trends, and to experience innovative marketing concepts.

Current hot topic in public discussions are ad blockers and how they seize the business models of digital media companies.

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