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Taking It To The Next Level: SAP XM’s DMP Plans

Last spring, SAP Exchange Media (SAP XM) was officially announced at SAPPHIRE in Orlando. Now, we are taking it to the next level by developing and launching a Data Management Platform (DMP) this year. Why?

Listening to our customers and partners, the need for a comprehensive Data Management Platform soon became obvious. Many advertisers and publishers struggle with the huge amount of data they have and don’t know how to handle it. Here’s where SAP XM will soon step in.

Read now what our DMP is planned to be and feel like as well as what features and functions we plan to integrate.


Nothing is possible without trust, so it is our goal to ensure customers and partners the highest possible level of data security according to EU data privacy standards. The next generation DMP by SAP XM will guarantee full data ownership by advertisers, who will control the visibility & usage of their data on their own. Furthermore, premium publisher certifications (e.g. by leading social media platforms and walled gardens), as well as the usage of trusted SAP Data centers support our approach of high security standards.


By combining, analyzing and linking first party data with user activities and third party data, SAP XM supports advertisers in designing and targeting their sales pitches. The DMP will improve advertisers’ opportunities in segmenting and targeting the right customer, at the right time, through the right channel, with the right message – and thereby improve sales!

In addition, SAP XM’s new DMP will generate a great number of new opportunities, enabling advertisers a greater engagement with their customers. Moreover, advertisers can create valuable customer experiences across all channels and touch points with the new DMP solution.

In-depth analytics help advertisers justify their marketing spend in front of their CFOs expecting real numbers. SAP XM will track additional purchases on the ecommerce platform and tie them back to advertising campaigns, providing a transparent view on the business. As a result, advertisers’ audiences will be activated as segments in the connected Demand Side Platforms (DSP) so that advertisers can receive a near-time update of segment data and act upon these. When new consumer activities are recorded, the segment rules are reapplied, so changes are forwarded successively to the connected DSPs.


SAP Exchange Media connects with SAP Hybris E-Commerce and Marketing Solution and other back-office software which enables a seamless and privacy-safe deployment of company data for advertising campaigns.

The new DMP will leverage advertisers’ first party data as well as behavioral and event-related data from consumers’ online activities. Custom filters, based on all collected data within the DMP, will support advertisers to create segments that can be activated within SAP XM’s DSP, incl. leading social media platforms. It will also allow advertisers to easily access and deploy first-party data sitting behind a firewall, including data from Hybris.

SAP XM DMP visualization graph:

The first version of the DMP will officially be launched later in 2017. More information can be found here.

Watch Darryl Gray explain our plans at AdExchanger's Industry Preview Event in New York:

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