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Introducing SAP Exchange Media at the SAP Next-Gen Lab in New York

In a connected world, every company is fast becoming a technology company. And a technology solution that shortens the distance between brand and customer, while positively transforming the relationship, is today’s holy grail.

The SAP XM installation at the SAP Next-Gen Labs at Hudson Yards showcases just how short this distance between a brand and a customer can be.  Interact with the current capabilities of XM’s breakthrough digital advertising technology and learn about future scenarios that can drive new value for marketers.

SAP customers represent 98% of the world’s most valuable brands. SAP XM is revolutionizing the way businesses run digital advertising — not only through greater efficiency, but by connecting brands and their customers directly through an integrated suite of products.

SAP XM has been designed to simplify today’s complex digital ad buying process by insuring that true connectivity becomes a key part of the media business— whether it’s linking brands and retail, ad budgets and inventory, or billing and collection. 

Today, winning brands are those that drive actionable insights from data, think and respond in real-time, and concentrate on business outcomes now transformed by a digital economy.  Brand leadership is increasingly defined in terms of response to the needs, desires and anticipations of their consumers - across any channel, on any device, anywhere and at any time.

The SAP XM show-case installation at the SAP Next-Gen Lab in New York provides an interactive touch-screen demo, a dashboard for digital campaign management, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered smart assistant, and a menu that explores scenarios now in development:

  • A Next Generation Demand Side Platform
  • A Next Generation Data Management Platform
  • New Ways to Link Brands and Social Media
  • Real-Time Connections to Retailers

Plus, anyone who wants to receive more information on the installation or on SAP XM, can be contacted by an SAP XM team member. If you wish to find out more, please contact Kathrin Frank (

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