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Highlights of SAP XM Release 1.2

After various months of development time, the new release SAP XM 1.2 was launched several weeks ago and offers some great new features. Advertisers are able to create and manage their campaigns in a self-service mode from now on and Publishers get a powerful tool to specify what they want to sell.

SAP XM for Advertisers

Self-Service Ad Portal including Visual Analytics

The new self-service ad portal for advertisers offers an easy setup of digital ads and includes new monitoring functions, e.g. drill down to much more detailed information (from campaign to creative) and call to actions. It furthermore offers:

  • real-time monitoring and analytic features of all relevant KPIs
  • a radically simplified user experience and
  • the integration with SAP S/4 HANA, cloud marketing edition

SAP S/4 HANA Marketing Cloud Integration

The integration of the SAP S/4 HANA Marketing Cloud provides monitoring and reporting functions from SAP XM campaigns within the SAP S/4 HANA cloud marketing edition, which gives advertisers a comprehensive overview of all relevant campaigns. It also includes:

  • the creation of SAP XM campaigns within SAP S/4HANA, cloud marketing edition
  • final configuration and execution capabilities of digital ad campaigns in SAP XM
  • monitoring functions of all connected SAP XM campaigns
Conversion Tracking via 3rd Parties

Thanks to new conversion tracking capabilities of 3rd party providers, you can track mobile and app events from now on. Conversions, leads and downloads can directly be attributed to your campaigns to see how successful each campaign was and what campaign lead to the most conversions. Last but not least, advertisers will also enjoy:

  • performance optimization on conversions
  • monitoring and reporting of conversions

SAP XM for Publisher

Publisher Targeting

New targeting functions enable publishers to summarize valuable traffic in inventory orders with high CPM rates. This gives them granular control of which traffic they want to sell. Two other great new benefits are:

  • the prevention of abuse, as the system only forwards traffic publishers and advertiser have pre-agreed on
  • new analytic functions, such as the generation of reports over specific sets of traffic
SAP XM Ad Engine & Foundation
  • optimized creative rotation, based on automated performance monitoringCurious about our new functionalities? Any questions? Feel free to contact us!
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