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SAP XM Now Part Of The 'Forum Digital Transformation'

Since October 18, 2016, SAP XM is part of the 'Forum Digital Transformation', a forum of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW – EN: Federal Association Digital Economy) with Dr. Wolfgang Faisst (Head and Co-founder of SAP XM) as one of the vice chairmen. The forum discusses all kinds of topics concerning the digitalization of various areas of life, focusing especially on Smart Home, Mobile Health, Connected Cars and Industry 4.0.

Ingo Notthoff (T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH), chairman of the forum, explained: “It’s the objective of the association for digital economy to create awareness for digital transformation, to bond different economic branches and to shape the future of the German economy together.”

Shaping the digital future – together!

For Wolfgang Faisst, the BVDW represents the German digital economy as a whole. With SAP XM, SAP is now also an active member and steady part of this economy. To the question what was special about this partnership, he answered: “SAP always focuses on the line of businesses, most of all with SAP XM as offer for advertisers and publishers. This is how SAP contributes to the development of the industry and information of the public.”

Within this forum, it is the objective of SAP XM to openly speak about the digital transformation of marketing and advertising. Challenges and problems need to be talked about and discussed to find a  joint solution. “We can only create effective value and benefit for the complete industry if we collaborate” said Wolfgang Faisst.

SAP XM hopes for an optimized connection of the digital economy, not only regarding the three main market players (advertiser, publisher, agencies), but also of the complete industry, as a result of the collaboration with other pioneers in the field of digital marketing. Requirements of the digital economy need to be compiled and addressed to the public and politics. This is the only way we can shape the digital future.

First projects of the forum include the Smart Mobility Lab, a joint project across all transport modes of passenger transportation, as well as an awareness campaign, examining the facts of mobile health applications.

We are excited about what’s next!

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