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SAP Exchange Media – a startup within SAP SE

Starting only with an idea in December 2014, Dr. Wolfgang Faisst, Head of SAP Exchange Media, founded the intrapreneurial startup together with Johann Freilinger in 2015. Already in October, the first release of the premium media exchange platform was launched and the first customers signed the contract by the end of 2015.

However, how did it all start? The idea was easy: digitally transform the advertising and marketing industry, a new industry for SAP which is currently facing a lot of issues and challenges. The mission is to directly bring together the advertiser and publisher on one exchange to eliminate budget losses and unnecessary middlemen in the digital advertising value chain. However, these are only the main challenges.

Watch this short video of SAP’s Education for Digital Transformation Show with Bernd Welz during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, where he interviewed the head of SAP Exchange Media, and wanted to know what SAP XM really stands for, how it transforms the media industry and where the value ad lies for customers.


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