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MWC 2016: How customers reacted to SAP XM

The SAP XM team reviews an exciting Mobile World Congress 2016. During the talks with advertisers, publishers, DSPs, and SSPs at the SAP booth we could not only explain our innovative concept, but also receive feedback from interested customers with great results: customers only empowered us in our vision and validated the challenges of the advertising market we are trying to address with SAP XM.

At the „Digital Customer Experience“-area of the SAP booth we displayed personalized digital ads on the Smart-Vending-Machine: visitors were recognized by their smartphones and/or a video camera. This is the first step towards the new media channel of digital displays at the POS.

SAP XM’s concept convinces customers

Various discussions during the four days at the congress made it obvious that the main objectives of SAP XM match the immediate requirements of advertisers and publishers. Positive feedback was also received for the following topics:

  • Transparency with SAP XM’s brokerage-model (SAP as trusted brand generates additional trust)
  • Reinforcement of marketing through reducing the number of booking platforms to only one with a user-friendly UI
  • Connection of AdTech and MarTech: Customers can use their own data from other companies’ systems for their digital advertising.
  • Use of internal customer data for better targeting
  • In-Memory-Computing enabling the use of a mathematic optimization procedure (multivariate statistics, machine learning, real-time recommendations, dynamic pricing)


The XM preview of the self-service UI for advertisers received extra positive feedback. Customers really liked that SAP XM reduces complexity but at the same time offers great customization possibilities with its modern interface: ”That is real next generation”! And here the Co-Innovation-Program especially pays of, as the customers’ feedback directly effects the further platform development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides many specific questions, interested customers also wanted to know the following:

Availability: What’s the current stage of development and when will SAP XM be available?

  • Currently, XM is live with version 1.1 and available for selected customer within the Early Adaptor Program.

Customer base: What customer base can be addressed?

  • The SAP Installed Base is addressed which offers a huge covering of Fortune-2000-Companies as well as includes the top 20 advertisers (especially valuable SAP customers).

Country coverage: In what countries will SAP XM be available?

  • The launch starts in Germany and will continue in the United States. Overall, SAP XM is planned to be globally available and will gradually enter further markets.

Ask us what you want to know!

We aroused your curiosity? You have additional questions or want to become familiar with our platform? CeBIT 2016 is a great possibility to learn more. Visit us at the SAP booth (A58) in hall 4, where we will present a showcase or be part of the discussion at the Digital Marketing & Experience Arena in the same hall with further interesting topics: SAP XM @ CeBIT 2016: Keynotes, talks, pitches and more.

About the author

Wolfgang is currently the Head of SAP XM. In his former positions at SAP he was the lead for SAP’s app store, e-commerce strategy and project lead for the definition of SAP's Marketing solution strategy & roadmap.

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