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SAP XM – disruption to digital media?

Change is inevitable. Advertisers and publishers currently strive to adapt and leverage opportunities of the digital transformation affecting the advertising industry. Technological innovation has always been the major force for what Schumpeter called out as “creative destruction”, and the need for a new generation of premium media exchange platforms in digital advertising seems quite obvious. Whereas SAP XM sets out to support all participants in the marketplace, it may nonetheless be unavoidable that suboptimal market structures are eliminated.

For Jonathan, SAP XM seems to be the perfect example for disruption: “It’s what’s happening with SAP. Something called SAP XM – beyond programmatic. That’s an example of what disruptive technology is. It means that everyone else in the entire marketplace doesn’t need to be around anymore.” (Minute 14:45).

Watch the complete video and learn more about the role of disruption in today’s digital society, as well as what the 5 key points are that should build every company’s innovational framework.


Source: HORIZONT/ dfv Conference Group, German Media Congress 2016

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