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#DIS16: Discussing innovative ideas and concepts in the digital advertising industry

On March 20-22, over 600 leading media experts from over 35 countries came together in Berlin to exchange ideas, talk about current trends, and to experience innovative marketing concepts. The Digital Innovators' Summit (DIS) is one of the most important events in Germany for publishers and innovators, driving transformational change. There could not have been a better location than Berlin, as the center of Europe’s startup culture, to discuss innovative ideas and concepts within an ever-changing industry: the digital media and advertising industry.

SAP Exchange Media (SAP XM) was delighted to be a part of this great event and to join discussions about current developments in the digital advertising industry. By highlighting the main challenges but also opportunities for advertisers and publishers, Johann Freilinger – Head of Marketing & Communications at SAP XM – demonstrated, how the current stagnation could be overcome and instead start reinventing today’s media industry.

Watch the complete keynote and find out more about current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the digital media industry. Get to know SAP XM and our role in making advertising relevant again.

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