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SAP XM hitting the floor @dmexco 2015

Having launched a snake preview website early September SAP XM participated in the interactive media industry event dmexco 2015.

A SAP XM team comprising of 10 senior advertising and marketing technology, business development & sales professionals left strong footprints on the dmexco show floor.

50+ meetings with selected fortune 500 brand advertising corporates, publishers of multichannel premium digital media properties including their monetization forces, leading edge DMPs, digital media and advertising technology providers, industry researchers, knowledgeable analysts, highly networked recruiters, M&A firms, and digital media related associations.

Under the umbrella of SAP´s Marketing & CRM arm Hybris SAP XM introduced the advantages of a highly integrated marketing and advertising technology platform to the market.

Big Data in Digital Advertising based on SAP HANA finally delivers on the real time promise. BTW: What is real-real time? Ad tech guys - please sort it out: real time or still batched?
SAP´s clients prefer real time for more precise business analytics, decisions and bottom line results.

The three buzzwords at this year’s dmexco were programmatic, big data and native ad formats. A numerous amount of specialized companies presented multiple variations and combinations of related software solutions and services.

Addressing the digital media industry´s 5 most important pain points, the timing to publicly introduce SAP XM couldn’t have been better.

Facing the huge challenges to overcome the current obstacles in the broken digital media and advertising market SAP XM often received feedback like ’There are very few global players having the potential fixing the current issues, SAP has the potential to leading the market into a better future by providing the next generation digital advertising operation system‘.

Last but not least my congrats go to the dmexco organizers. You guys demonstrate superior professionalism in your ongoing development of the most important global interactive media event. Looking forward to dmexco 2016. Stay tuned for SAP XM´s updates.

About the author

Joerg is Head of Sales & Business Development at SAP XM. He is an international sales and business development executive with an expertise in multiple E-Business models and technologies. 

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