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dmexco 2015 insights: Vishal Trivedi (Lead of Engineering)

Attending dmexco 2015 was an enlightening experience – distinctly different from any tech fair such as Sapphire, CEBIT, Teched etc. and quite insightful about the latest trends in digital advertising.

For me it served to emphasize a few things:

  1. Integration of Adtech and Martech – integration of both is a logical evolution of the digital advertising platform.
  2. Video and Rich Text media – the future belongs to video. We have focused on “viewability” of ads but an interesting point of view from my perspective was the focus on “engagability” of an ad – a viewability of 70% but engagability of 90% was more desired than a viewability of 100% but no engagement. More formats are being introduced in this category such as those shown by fishtank
  3. Brands are important – the basics of advertising continue to be the same, which is that the brands are important and the result of every successful campaign has to be to enhance brand value. The platforms need to show the advertisers and the publishers that they “love” their brands
  4. Native is mainstream – native formats are the de-facto standard. We should stop thinking that native programming is the future. What I clearly saw was that native was already mainstream and every mature offering had a native standard
  5. CPA as a business measure is obsolete – there needs to be an appropriation model which allows tracking of CPM as an approximate CPA value
  6. The strength of programmatic is the ability to target people with “passion” about the subject being advertised
  7. There continues to be challenges, which are opportunities for a new entrant like SAP XM:
    • Transparency and analytics – both the advertisers and the publishers are not satisfied with the transparency they have generally got with digital advertising and specifically with programmatic
    • Fraud – everybody is being hit by fraud but even though everybody complains about it, there is no concerted effort to check it. It is something that is likely considered as a “necessary evil”, and everybody has come to accept it. 
    • Process integration – the integration of digital advertising processes with the wider CRM / Financial / Product or Service development processes is a big opportunity, which is not being addressed by the existing players
    • Self-Service cockpits and mature operational dashboards continue to be weak spots in the existing offering

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