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dmexco 2015 insights: Stefan Wenzel (Lead Product Management)

This year Dmexco 2015 was bigger, more crowded, more colorful and also more interesting than in years before.

New names appeared with new ideas, some names were missing, and many familiar ones presented interesting and long awaited-for ideas. However, far too often old messages and old buzzwords raised their heads. But let’s talk about the content.

Video programmatic
We could finally see some momentum here and video programmatic is getting serious in Germany. However there is still an old-fashioned “TV-like” mindset dominating. Most video ads are “enforced” pre-rolls which can't be skipped by the user. Treating the user this way will - in the long-term - not be successful. The industry should focus much more on getting the user’s attention voluntarily.

Ad Blocking
The behavior above might be the reason why Germany leads the market with 60%+ of blocked pre-roll video ads. This number will sadly be a major issue for the entire industry if we do not take the consumer seriously!

Viewability – is this the most important KPI?
Many sessions and providers put viewability at the core of their arguments. Viewability, in short, is the measurement of whether an ad was, or potentially was, in the viewable area of a site or an app for a certain period of time. Well, this is obviously an improvement over classic CPM measurement or “above the fold” attributes. But as others argue, this is just one step in the right direction getting more transparency in recording a user’s attention. More interesting however I find is that most approach viewability only as ex-post analysis. A true step forward would be a real-time analysis of viewability and a viewability prediction and its inclusion in the RTB process – in short an ex-ante consideration of viewability. At this point there was no sign that providers are heading in this direction.

There were a multitude of new approaches in other important areas such as fraud management, native advertising, branding and storytelling, social etc.

Overall it was an important, interesting event and we’ll see how the ideas materialize and develop.

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