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dmexco 2015 insights: René Bellack (Lead Advertiser Development)

dmexco this year started again already on Tuesday with many pre-dmexco networking events, including of course great and loud music. 

Not to have music during a show is unthinkable. Attending dmexco since 2009, prior OMD in Düsseldorf, I was driving to Cologne and thinking “Oh, another dmexco – same thing again!” – same same but different – it is getting bigger, international, more complex.

While driving and thinking about the topic of same things and music - suddenly a song popped up in my mind that is a very durable “Ohrwurm” (I had to search for the translation) an “earwig”: the song from the German HipHop Band “Die Fantastischen Vier – MFG – Mit freundlichen Grüßen”

Walking through the halls in Cologne the next days and watching the companies at the different booths and looking at their appearance and handouts – I was more and more confused and suddenly the earwig from “Fantastischen Vier” came back to my mind but with a little difference:

Instead of the original lyrics from “MFG”:

GbR, GmbH - ihr könnt mich mal

I had slightly different buzzwords in my mind from all the great meetings and conversations during the whole event but humming the song slightly different:

SEM, SEO und SoLoMo – Ihr könnt mich mal
MMA, BVDW is voll ok
Ad-Exchange, SAS oh jehminee

By humming these buzzwords, the picture got totally clear. Even as one of the so called “industry experts” within Marketing, Advertising, Digital, Mobile etc it is obvious how fragmented the value chain became in the past and how complex the market is currently. It is tough to catch up and stay “tuned” with the right balance of knowledge and still being able to judge and manage your budgets. Almost impossible without another specialist that helps out with the right knowledge that is needed for this new channel, format, inventory, medium etc..

A lot of room for a lot of different companies – you could see this again especially in the appearance of many new players in hall 6 and 7. So even more disjoined systems and fragmentation in the value chain for digital advertising. When paying more for suppliers, that help you to manage your Marketing & Advertising budget, than for the medium and inventory by itself (not looking at other existing issues like fraud, viewability and other influences resulting in wastage and loss of budget) something in my mind tells me that there is room for optimization.

Sure you could never know everything and there will be a lot more to learn in the future especially in digital advertising. How can you stay on top of all and how can you trust the different parties you give your advertising budget to?

When I recently joined SAP there was one thing every new employee learns very fast: “Run Simple - If we simplify everything, we can do anything.” SAP helps to streamline processes, so there is more agility to create new growth opportunities for business with the world’s most innovative platform.

At SAP XM we thought “Why can´t we use this approach for the Digital Advertising market?” Just make it simple. Easy to understand, more transparent and measurable. That´s why we came together and work jointly with our co-innovation partner on the advertiser and publisher side as well as together with any technical provider that “sits in between” in order to simplify processes and revolutionize the Digital Advertising Market. More and more will become digital and now it´s the time to simplify and get ready for the future.

It´s relating again to music and another earwig – from Monday to Sunday we try to shape the future for digital advertising together as a team – this is “always the case” as in the so called song from South African Band “M´Do or Die” – and we rather orchestra a concert than compose a single. It is a journey for all of us and we are looking forward how the landscape will change and how this impacts the next digital tradeshows and exhibitions where we will meet again for sure…. This is as constant as some songs stay in your head – the networking, meeting your colleagues, partners and even friends again and again every year.

Same same – but different… so let´s start composing our song – the dialogue is open.

About the author

René’s expertise lies in the digital business sector, specifically mobile, and he holds a perfect mix of know-how in the fields of sales, business development, technology and strategy. At SAP XM  he is responsible for Advertiser development.

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