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dmexco 2015 insights from Sin To (Publisher Development Expert)

For two days, Sept 16th – 17th, the digital advertising industry got together again for the dmexco event in Cologne, and it is getting bigger every year.

The most appropriate skill needed this year was “patience to stand in line”. No matter whether it be for the metro, shuttle bus, entrance, congress, debate halls, food corner or even for the exit – the message was: please stand in line.
Besides all the waiting and queuing up, there was also some interesting industry news, but firstly let me give you a few of the facts:
With 43,384 visitors this year, it has topped last year’s number of visitors of 31,900. With the fact there were 500 speakers, this is impressive. The slogan for this year’s conference was “Bridging Worlds” and it was heavily discussed about how to better connect “two worlds - analog and digital”, especially in the digital advertising world. Hence words like programmatic advertising, big data, transparency, fragmentation and digital transformation had been heavily discussed on stage and at the booths.

Mobile has reached the main stage
Comparing dmexco 2014 and 2015, the industry has made a big shift towards mobile. Anna Bager, VP and General Manager of the IAB, opened the Mobile Summit panel at dmexco with a message that mobile is definitely not an afterthought anymore, it’s included on the main stage of the dmexco and it’s something we all need to be aware of. It seems that the industry is slowly understanding the potential of mobile. Patricia McDonald, Chief of Strategy at Isobar, added that if we consider mobile only as an advertising channel, we are really missing a trick. Mobile is a channel for a fundamental business transformation.
Mobile represents a tremendous possibility of changing the ecosystem from how customers search for and buy products, the distribution model, customer services or customer acquisition. And mobile has built the bridge for the journey from ad tech to marketing tech.

New players in the advertising world
Aside from the well-known players in the advertising industry like Google, Facebook and Amazon, this year Instagram, Spotify, Shazam and Twitter also had their own booths. Even though advertising is not their core business, it is a revenue stream model for them and advertisers seem to be keen on running advertisements on these social community and music platforms.

Hot topic of Adblocking
The latest study of the OVK (Online-Vermarkterkreis) estimates that adblocker technology is used on about 20% of all page views. Users are annoyed by non-relevant ads and the usage of adblocking technology is increasing.
Even Apple has taken this topic into account and will offer with its iOS 9 the possibility for adblocking. Hence the whole industry needs to rethink relevancy to the user.

dmexco 2015 was once again a great show and we will see what hot topics will be discussed next year.

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