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SAP XM Invites Leading Innovative SAP Customers to the SAP XM Co-Innovation Program

Interviews with fortune 500 SAP customers during the last couple of months have shown five issues that are hindering the digital media and advertising industries from further success:

  1. Fragmentation of the value chain and related sub-optimal utilization of advertising budgets
  2. Fraud, lack of standards and measures are leading into compliance issues
  3. Specialized providers and disjointed systems per digital advertising channel
  4. Corporate marketing systems and 3rd party advertising system providers are often de-coupled
  5. Consumers are often annoyed by spam-like and irrelevant advertising

Many of these fortune 500 SAP clients expressed their wishes to create a game-changer for the digital media and advertising ecosystem that will overcome the given obstacles and will lay the foundation for a new digital advertising 'operating system' based on SAP´s award winning HANA Cloud Platform (HCP). Empowered by the openness of HCP SAP XM will invite independent specialists from the AdTech and MarTech industries to join the upcoming SAP XM Platform Partner Program (SAP XM 3P).

SAP is not only leading global markets for business software, having acquired and successfully integrated with Ariba, Concur and Fieldglass, it is also running the largest global business networks where only Ariba generates higher transaction values than Alibaba, Amazon and eBay combined.

Serving 400 of the fortune 500 companies and the top 20 advertising spending companies with the most trusted corporate IT backbone systems, SAP first started offering SAP Exchange Media (SAP XM) to their valued corporate clients as a 100% subsidiary of SAP. SAP Exchange Media is committed to providing SAP clients with a leading edge, highly scalable programmatic advertising business network in a premium customer environment that is quality-secured. Having founded and backed up SAP XM, SAP has laid the foundation for SAP´s successful expansion into the digital media and advertising markets.

Following SAP´s continuous approach to jointly plan and improve the most successful business technologies and platforms, SAP XM invites selected leading innovative customers to the SAP XM Co-Innovation Program (SAP XM CIP). SAP XM, an SAP board mandated Line of Business (SAP LoB), was initially created to foster a new media exchange between 5 to 10 selected advertisers & publishers. SAP customers, participating in SAP XM’s program, are highly innovative leaders in their field of business and a trusted engaged partner. Additionally, they belong to the top spenders as an advertiser, or a premium publisher with high quality inventory. Industries also include CPG/FMCG, Media & Broadcasting, Retail & Restaurant, Travel and Tourism, Telecommunications and Financial Services.

If you are interested in joining the SAP XM Co-Innovation Program, please apply via email. Seats are limited and the program will begin September 1st 2015. The initial program is scheduled until end of June 2016. Ongoing co-innovation activities are planned and will be considered on SAP customers´ and interested industry partners´ feedback.

SAP XM Co-Innovation Partner contacts:

  • Jörg Anhalt |
  • Dr. Wolfgang Faisst |

About the author

Joerg is Head of Sales & Business Development at SAP XM. He is an international sales and business development executive with an expertise in multiple E-Business models and technologies. 

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