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Real-time advertising with SAP XM based on SAP HANA

With SAP Exchange Media (SAP XM), SAP is introducing the next generation of real-time advertising platform connecting advertisers and publishers that will benefit consumers.

What enables SAP XM to perform “real” real-time?
  • Leveraging leading in-memory platform SAP HANA and additional SAP in-memory technologies currently powering big data scenarios
  • SAP HANA with a comprehensive library of mathematical algorithms (predictive analytics, text analysis, optimization methods, spatial analysis etc.) and OLAP & OLTP in one
  • Connecting AdTech with MarTech (and further corporate systems) and combining the underlying target segment and consumer profiling information
Advantages for consumers – the most neglected segment in the current market environment:
  • Most relevant advertising; seen as value-add information and ultimately not perceived as actual ‘advertising’
  • Leverage of SAP XM recommender engine powering personalized, situational, behavioral, location-based advertisement
Advantages for advertisers:
  • Real-time reporting of ad campaign results, e.g. geographical maps and dashboard visualization on the marketer’s mobile device
  • Real-time decision support and automation to optimize advertising campaigns on the fly, such as multi-variant testing, to the business targets
  • Ultimately, closed-loop campaigning which includes consumer responses (i.e., location tracking, coupon redemption, payment, POS data matching, etc.)
Advantages for publishers:
  • Dynamic pricing of advertising inventory (similar to the approach in the airline industry) adapting to the real-time changes of demand and prices in the market
  • Real-time fraud detection and fast reactions to reduce fraud in comparison to counting clicks of bots in the internet

Some leading companies in the market claim they are applying advanced analytics and algorithms. Since they are running on an old technology stack based on disk, they are also unable to perform what they claim.

Thus, SAP Exchange Media is the next-generation advertising platform that creates a win-win-win situation for advertisers, publishers and consumers.

About the author

Wolfgang is currently the Head of SAP XM. In his former positions at SAP he was the lead for SAP’s app store, e-commerce strategy and project lead for the definition of SAP's Marketing solution strategy & roadmap.

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