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Expectations of Agencies

  • Full control over campaigns and direct access to campaign results
  • Real-time analysis of campaign results and creation of content
  • Campaign setup optimization and adjustment of creatives in real-time
  • Direct communication with advertisers
  • Access to 1st party data to achieve best in class campaign results, based on superior targeting

SAP XM Benefits for Agencies

  • Direct cloud access to SAP XM and full transparency in real-time
  • Superior Usability based on easy and intuitive user interface
  • Real-time reporting and optimization capabilities
  • Assistant system like capabilities powered by SAP HANA and related algorithms from artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytic
  • Access to advertisers 1st party data in a secure and compliant environment
  • End-To-End campaign measurement by connecting to e-Commerce and POS systems
  • Simplified collaboration and exchange with advertisers

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