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60% of the media budget spent is lost to middle men in the value chain from advertiser to publisher.

TNS Survey of Marketers (2015)


  • Advertisers need to rely on a professional partner who maximizes the impact of their digital advertising campaigns, optimizes their media spendings, gains E2E advertising ROI analytics and maximizes ROAS.
  • Data driven advertising demands cross-border access and the consideration of available enduser data to design cluster-to-one communications.

SAP XM Benefits

  • Full transparency and simplified processes that increase overall efficiency by facilitating a unique direct real-time interoperation between advertiser and publisher
  • Maximized ROAS by getting the right message to the right audience through superior targeting and profile matching capabilities based on real-time data
  • Elimination of fraud through direct connection to publisher inventory
  • Optimimized campaign efficiency through (real) real-time campaign management capabilities
  • Higher conversion rates via hyper-targeted advertising
  • E2E-reports in real time along the whole customer journey, including actual first party data, such as website & online store visits and purchases
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use system, with transparent and straight forward processes, that gives advertisers and marketing leaders full control about their campaigns

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