SAP XM & SAP Ariba

Extending the Ariba Network into marketing and advertising and allowing companies to handle their advertising procurement more transparent, efficient and end-to-end.

Multiple areas of Needs/challenges for advertising procurement

While buyers and suppliers of all manner of products and services throughout the world collaborate on transactions through a sophisticated procurement process, advertising procurement methods are still evolving for a business that is transitioning from being creative-driven to return-on-investment-focused.

Advertising procurement is currently suffering from a lack of transparency

Limited transparency creates a need for end-to-end visibility in media procurement, including actual pricing and discounts for advertising spend.

While advertising procurement becomes more important within the company, its complexity also increases

This process complexity needs to be decreased by reducing the high amount of manual activities within media procurement even if it’s outsourced to agencies.

Advertising procurement requires compliance and control regarding invoice verification - also for agency contracts

There is a call for practical end-to-end auditing of procurement process as well as the need for an allocation of advertising spend and ROI (return on investment) to final campaign performance.

SAP XM provides the extension of the Ariba Network into marketing & advertising

This allows companies to handle their advertising end-to-end - beyond all stages within procurement.

Source & Contract
Collaborate & Transact
Invoice & Pay

INDIRECT - (source and non source)






SAP XM is addressing the challenges with an integrated solution

The lack of transparency as well as process complexity and the need for control are the motivation of SAP XM to drive change within advertising procurement.    

Enabling transparency:

  • Out-tasking instead of outsourcing
  • Systematically enforcing visibility and compliance on granular level

Reducing process complexity:

  • Enabling procurement and sourcing activities with an end-to-end automated solution
  • Integrating media management in corporate IT landscape

Facilitate compliance and control:

  • Allocating performance results to invoices for optimized verification criteria within the payment approval process

Key benefits of the integration for advertisers and agencies

Benefits for the advertiser

  • Automated workflows that promote efficiency, while creating uniformity among brands and throughout organizations
  • Simplification through easy-to-use and secure Cloud Application that allows for key team involvement
  • Transparency and Control through an open, intelligent and connected media buying process
  • Drives innovation and transformation; enables the CMO (chief marketing officer) to work within accepted C-Suite decision-making process.

Benefits for the agency

  • Enables the agency to act as a fully transparent, trusted partner, while fulfilling a major advertising requirement
  • Provides a process for consistency and standardization across multiple agencies in multiple regions
  • Allows an agency to focus on consulting and cross-channel media planning for improved campaign efficiency and results
  • Helps agency to act more efficiently through automated, easy workflow processes and enables the establishment of stronger relationships with both clients and vendors

Media Buy & Services from an agency using SAP Ariba guided buying

Media and services are requested from the agency. They act as supplier and provide full and transparent campaigns as a service via the RFQ (request for quote) process. SAP XM is optimally used by the agency, in terms of procurement transparency.


Digital media section within guided buying

RFQ (request for quote) for campaign

SAP Ariba campaign template and uploading campaign brief

Select agency and submit


Prepare RFQ response in agency legacy system

RFQ response digital campaign template

Submit media plan


Review RFQ response and accept quote

PO (purchase order) creation and submit to agency

Execution and monitoring via

Media Buy directly from publisher using SAP Ariba guided buying

Media is directly requested from the publisher. He acts as supplier and provides a quote with all necessary details to be directly used in the system. SAP XM is partly used by the advertiser and the RFQ (request for proposal) data is passed over to be used in campaigns.


SAP XM inventory management

RFQ (request for quote) for inventory

SAP Ariba display inventory template

Select publisher and submit


Prepare RFQ response in publisher (legacy system)

RFQ response display inventory template


Review RFQ response and accept quote

PO (purchase order) creation and submit to publisher

Added to SAP XM inventory management according RFQ response

Setup and run campaign

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