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In 2015, SAP XM started as an intrapreneurship to solve the dominant challenges in digital advertising regarding data, procurement and end-to-end system integration.

Since then we have received very positive feedback from customers, prospects, partners and thought leaders in the marketing and media industry on our approach to re-engineer digital advertising. Leveraging the learnings from SAP XM, SAP has decided to set a new strategic direction in 2018 by facilitating SAP Exchange Media´s Advertising Technology and experience into the larger SAP portfolio.

Data management and integration is now front and center of the strategy with SAP Hybris, where the acquisition of Gigya serves as a foundation of a new generation of “Customer Data Management Platform” and transparent media procurement is by definition a natural extension of SAP Ariba, the market leading sourcing and procurement platform globally. Open API´s for a number of AdTech solutions are to enable SAP´s customers to integrate business processes within their organizations and across companies.

We are notifying you that SAP XM will cease to exist in its current form. We are proud of what has been achieved and would like to thank our customers and partners for trusting us and for taking part in the SAP XM journey. Please visit or if you are interested in SAP Marketing or Procurement Solutions.

Please contact us if you have any question or need further information.

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